Workday Schedule

Date Meeting Location Major Projects
15 Dec 2018  Sullivan  
  1. Clean the grounds around the new fishing area
  2. Put fence in between Sullivan and Beech 
  3. Start Aquatics Fence Line
  4. Cut up trees
  5. Clear out pathway from Stem to Scoutcraft
  6. Clean staff cabins, inside and outside.
12 Jan 2019  
  1. STEM Center rot repairs
  2. Finish STEM to Activity Field trail repairs
  3. Old Carthage Rd - Clear away weeds from Camp Durant sign at stopsign.
  4. Continue cutting back tree branches to woods edge.
  5. Sullivan - Test PA system
    Replace ceiling lamps
  6. Campsites - cutting back undergrowth and general cleaning up. 
  7. Maple parking area - smooth out rock piles
    remove stumps
  8. Scoutcraft - paint storage pods to remove graffiti
  9. Reeves - Inventory tables in storage

9 Feb 2019
23 Feb 2019    
9 Mar 2019    
Spring Pow Wow  Lodge Weekend  
6 Apr 2019 
Prepare campsites: Set up tents, double check bathhouse condition.
Set out canop
12 Apr 2019
 20 Apr 2019
Cleanup anything not completed

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