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Conclave Committees

Conclave Chairman

John Sommer (

  • Oversees all committees.

  • Attends all section meetings and presents all updates.

  • Schedules and leads all conclave meetings.

  • Coordinates and helps to resolve concerns between committees.

  • Ensures that the Occoneechee Lodge provides the best hosting environment possible.


Conclave Adviser

Kevin Blackwood (

  • Supports the Conclave Chair


Conclave Aids

Chair: Matthew Klassa & Jared Spurlin

  • Helps Conclave Chair with any task that might come up

  • Works with Conclave Chair

  • Reports to Conclave Chair


Chair: Dakota Cameron & Adviser: Lucas Neas

  • Oversees making sure that ceremonies, grass dancing, and singing areas are ready for use.  Coordinates secondary locations with others in case of inclement weather.

  • Makes sure that areas have equipment for the competitions: Ceremony Rings, Dance Arbor.

  • Makes sure that all needs from the areas are collected 60 days in advance so that they can be accommodated.  

  • Ensures that necessary tables, chairs, water, electricity or other items are in place prior to the event and that the area is cleaned up at the conclusion.

  • If the areas need to be fixed up before Conclave let Service and Ordeal Committee know so that projects can be done.

  • Gets food count for Saturday lunch and ensures it is delivered to the program areas on time.

  • Works with Logistics, Food, Photography

Shooting Sports

Chair: Sean Coleman & Adviser: Ken Butler

  • Oversees the Rifle, Shotgun and Archery Ranges

  • Makes sure that the Ranges are set up and properly manned

  • If the areas need to be fixed up let Service know

  • Takes care of buying ammo, targets.

  • Makes sure that all equipment is properly stored away and the area cleaned up.

  • Works with Logistics, Photography, Registration, Security, Council Shooting Sports Committee.

  • Reviews emergency plan with Health and Safety.

Climbing and Cope

Chair: Mitchell McNeill & Adviser: Alan Hastings

  • Oversees the climbing and Cope Areas

  • Make sure that all equipment is working properly.

  • Makes sure to have trained staff

  • Makes sure proper harness release forms are sent to the Section for distribution to participants

  • If something needs to be fixed let service know by SPW 2019.

  • Works with Logistics, Photography, Registration and Council COPE Committee.

  • Reviews emergency plan with Health and Safety.

Hospitality/ Campsite Host

Chair: Matthew Gillespie & Adviser: Kimberly Benfield

  • Oversees to make sure that Cabins are properly ready, food is in campsites, Lodges are welcomed, VIPs are taken care of.

  • Able to help give directions to any place in camp.

  • Has spare maps on hand to assist others.

  • Makes sure that the cabins are in good condition and the bathrooms are clean in staff land and refill supplies in staff land when needed

  • Makes sure to have food for each campsite and that they are filled and aren’t running low.

  • Makes sure bathrooms are properly cleaned in campsites and that everything is filled for bathroom supplies on an ongoing basis.  

  • Ensures that campsites have been cleared out from the winter and underbrush is cut back to expand sites for camping.

  • Makes sure that VIP’s get to their cabins and help them with their stuff

  • Help’s show VIP’s around camp

  • Can give directions to Arrowmen of where things our in camp

  • Works with Logistics, Food, Registration, Security, Health and Safety

  • Provides schedule changes to the lodges as they occur.

  • Coordinates parking, tents and other hospitality items for Key 3.

  • Sets up tents, canopies, dining flys for their use.  Ensures that shelters are readily available for the visiting lodges

  • Reviews emergency plan with Health and Safety.


Chair: Tyler Brezina, Connor Bardin & Adviser: James Asbill

  • Runs the Vigil Rededication Ceremony on Friday Night

  • Works with the trading post to select an appropriate Vigil rededication item.

  • Writes the script for the ceremony

  • Coordinates with the food committee to prepare for the reception afterward

  • Ensures that all tents, tables, chairs are set up and then taken down at the end of the event.

  • Cleans area thoroughly at the conclusion.

  • Works with AIA, Hospitality/Campsite Host, and Food

Mountain Biking

Chair: Thomas O’Neal & Adviser: Tom Beach

  • Runs the Mountain Biking Course at Conclave

  • Makes sure that all the bikes are in working order

  • Makes sure that trails are good to go

  • Has staff to lead participants on the trail.

  • Works with council Mountain biking committee as required.

  • Reviews emergency plan with Health and Safety.


Chair: Luke BryanAdviser: Joseph Rogers Sr.

  • Helps transport materials to Conclave areas

  • Transports gear for participants

  • Transports staff members from Reeves to Camp Durant Friday and Sunday

  • Makes sure that OAX is set up

  • Makes sure patch Trading Area is set up

  • Makes sure AIA has equipment and supplies delivered

  • Helps Hospitality/ Campsite Host have food and other supplies

  • Helps Health and Safety in Emergency if called upon

  • Helps Food Committee move food items around

  • Helps Security if there are parking issues, (ex: stuck or broken-down cars)

  • Helps Show Committee get supplies and equipment for shows

  • Help move mobile Trading Post

  • Runs Quartermaster

  • Helps with Trash Duty

  • Helps set up Cardinival

  • Works with all Areas to ensure that needs are understood, items are delivered and picked up promptly.


Health and Safety

Chair: Pieter Westerbeek & Adviser: David Ezzel

  • Takes care of all Medical and Safety Issues

  • Works out of the Health Lodge

  • Reviews safety aspects of all planned activities and takes steps to manage risk in accordance with BSA policies.

  • Creates and shares the event emergency plan.  Provides a brief written outline of the emergency plan for Conclave Delegate guidebook.

  • Steps in if an unsafe situation arises

  • Assists with the Bloodmobile

  • Monitors weather and communicates as required.

  • Works with Hospitality/ Campsite Host, Logistics, Food, Security, Registration



Chair: Drake Sandman & Adviser: Steve Suzanne

  • Oversees the food in Sullivan and the Grand Lodge and Campsites.

  • Makes sure that all meals are prepared on time throughout the weekend

  • Figures out the amount of food needed

  • Makes sure there is accommodations for dietary restrictions

  • Takes care of special meals such as; Vigil Reception, Adviser’s coffee, Cracker Barrels, Chapter Chiefs Lunch, COC Dinner, Advisers Breakfast meet expectations.

  • Makes sure food is pre-ordered and that a variety of meal accommodations are met.  Expect the typical vegetarian/vegan/gluten free requests can be accommodated.

  • Makes sure that Saturday lunches are premade and handed out

  • Provide food for those coming down ahead to set-up.

  • Makes sure that the Dining Hall and the Sullivan Center are clean after every meal

  • Works with Logistics, Hospitality/ Campsite Host, Health and Safety, and Security



Chair: Joey Rogers, Jr. & Adviser: Tim Cameron

  • Oversees the Safety and Protection of Camp Durant

  • Makes sure that people park in a safe organized way

  • Keeps the flow of traffic for drop off and pick up moving

  • Directs traffic

  • Sets up direction signs on the way to camp and inside the camp to help others with the flow of traffic.

  • Help give directions

  • Help get people in for the shows

  • Helps direct dining hall traffic

  • Make sure no sneaks in or out of camp

  • Take cares of Lost and Found

  • Works with Logistics, Hospitality/ Campsite Host, Health and Safety, Food, Shows

  • Reports to Admin Chief

  • Organizes the transportation for the staff at Conclave

  • Plans the traffic route for Conclave

  • Helps gets Vehicles for each of the committees that need one

  • Make tags for vehicles

  • Gets Buses for getting the staff back and forth from Camp Durant to Camp Reeves

  • Works with Logistics, Hospitality/ Campsite Host, Health and Safety, Security, and Chaos



Chair: Richard Browning, Jr. & Adviser: Bill Bechtel

  • Takes care of accidents and unplanned events

  • Will be called on when needed

  • Works with all committees


Admin Services

Chair: Sam ChittickAdviser: Nicholas Anderson

  • Creates the Conclave delegate guidebook and ensures it is printed in advance.

  • Arranges for a printer/copier on site for last minute agendas, handouts.

  • Works with Section Communications to decide if daily newsletter will be produced and who will create content.

  • Stuffs the delegate goody bags.

  • Promotes Conclave to our Lodge members

  • Help spread information to participants via flyers and the screens in the Grand Lodge.

  • Takes care of posting schedules and dates

  • Works with Program, Logistics, Health and Safety, Food, Security, and Shows



Chair: Greg Koonce & Adviser: Paul Morrissette

  • Coordinates with Section Shows Chair to write and plan the Friday Night Show, Saturday Night Show, and Sunday Worship Service/ Closing Show

  • Makes sure to have materials and equipment for the shows

  • Makes sure to practice the shows

  • Makes sure the shows are fun, entertaining, and meaningful and ties with the Conclave theme

  • Works with Logistics, Health and Safety, Security, Promotional/ Technician, and Photography



Chair: Ryan Tsolis & Adviser: Zack Cochran

  • Takes pictures during Conclave.  

  • Post the pictures after Conclave so they are available for people to see

  • Creates a slideshow for Friday night and Saturday night shows

  • Film things for show

  • Works with Program, Promotional Technician, and Show Committee



Chair: Corey RogersAdviser: Chris Ferguson

  • Determines the venues for daily concessions.

  • Obtains the necessary support materials for venue concessions, including distribution trays, coolers, trailers, soda fountains and other items necessary to be successful.

  • Takes care of selling concessions

  • Makes a profitable budget   

  • Makes a menu

  • Sets up and cleans up grill locations

  • Buys food for the grill

  • Works with Logistics, Food, and Trading Post


Trading Post

Chair: Whit Badgett & Adviser: Jon Stewart

  • Takes care of selling merchandise

  • Decides what to sell

  • Sells remainder of Conclave inventory

  • Creates a profitable budget for Occoneechee Lodge

  • Takes inventory of the store

  • Sets up and cleans up the store

  • Works with Logistics



Chair: Alberto Daniels & Adviser: Patrick Sperlein

  • Takes care of both internal and external thank you notes, letters of appreciation and charitable contribution letters. (Thanks for all you gave us.)

  • Works with Lodge Key 3 to arrange for thank you gifts for other lodges.


Chair: Will Hardesty & Adviser: Mary Hampson

  • Makes sure people are signed into camp

  • Takes care of people showing up late or leaving early.

  • Sort Memorabilia with Trading Post

  • Collects and records any late registration or day visitor fees.

  • Signs in VIP’s




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Staff Announcements

Staff Position Announcements

Jan 07 2019

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