Early Arrival Information

For those of you who will need to arrive early to camp before Conclave the Cook Crew has put together a Meal Plan. Meals will be $5 each and will be nontransferable; if you purchased Thursday breakfast you can not use that voucher for Friday Lunch. Meals must be purchased ahead of time so that the Cook Crew knows how many to plan for. Meals will be served out of Sullivan.  Meal tickets can be purchased using the button to the right.

All early arrivals should have a justified need to be in camp prior to Friday, April 12. Early arrival will be permitted to select team members as early as Wednesday, April 10. Cabins and tent spaces will be available, based on lodging intended for the overall weekend. Food will be available from the food committee on a per meal basis.  Any early arrivals shall check in with the on-site staff at the Grand Lodge and drop off medical forms.  Any youth members shall make an early arrival request by contacting us at support.lodge104.net and indicating the name of the adult who will provide leadership until Friday when the main event starts. Parking in the Early Arrival period will be in the parking lots for the associated areas.  All early arrivals will move their cars to Camp Reeves on Friday unless otherwise permitted by the Conclave Executive Committee or Security.